Corporate social responsibility

Our company is determined to actively participate in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. We aim to cover a variety of different causes, because we believe we can make a slight difference, even with limited resources, and by doing so we might be able to encourage other companies to join us on our mission – little strokes fell great oaks!

In 2018 we donated our unused office furniture to the Bocskai István Parochial school. Schools on the countryside, especially ones teaching underprivileged children, are often lacking the resources to keep their teachers – our donation, besides the obvious financial aid, can help to make the working environment of this school just a little bit friendlier.

Ample exercise (and the option to do so) is just as important for today’s youth as education. As a beneficiary for our corporate taxes we chose the BDSE Volleyball Club, since their profile aligns with these values.  

In early 2019 we received a request from the organizers of Nostalgia Meetup, to sponsor one of their events, the 7th Soviet Vehicle Exhibition & Nostalgia Meetup, on the 4th of August in Szolnok.  We were happy to support the event, not just because its cultural significance, but also because we think it is a great program for team building, or just general socializing.