About us

TF Systems Kft was founded in 2007 – originally named TRASSET Systems Kft -, with the intention of functioning as the IT provider of the TRASSET family (which back then included multiple companies). Its purpose was to work as a cost center, managing the necessary IT infrastructure of its sister companies.

In 2015, with the restructuring of the TRASSET family, we were assigned to work with our Central European clients in a supporting role for the TRASSET system, as well as for all other products we acquired in the meantime. This is when the current core of our team formed: experts needed to handle the new tasks were transferred to TRASSET Systems Kft.

The company’s original goals have shifted towards development and software support.

The professional leadership role was taken by Zoltán Egervári in September 2016, with 15 years of experience with the TRASSET system, as well as nearly 20 years in the financial field. Today he acts as Chief Executive Officer within the company.

This is when the current company structure was put in place.

In 2018, our company was acquired by the Switzerland based TF Systems S.A. With our new parent company, we focused on upgrading our product, gaining new clients, as well as keeping the old ones satisfied. With the aid of our new owner, our company steadily grew – most of our profit is used for infrastructural improvements, making it possible to implement new and innovative technologies, as well as to expand towards new business fields.

Considering all the major changes since the foundation of the company, our story would not be complete without the history of our main product.

While not of vital importance, when it comes to our products and services, for us it was a great milestone, when we changed locations in September 2018. Moving into our new headquarters, we changed the company name to TF Systems Kft (per request of our parent company). The sudden changes did require a bit of an attention – thankfully we managed to fully accommodate to our new brand.