Privacy policy

for visitors of TF Systems Kft’s website

Dear Visitor!

Our leading principle here at TF Systems Kft. Is that a beneficial partnership can only be one of correctness, respect and mutual trust. The personal rights of the representatives of our clients and partners are important to us, including their right to the security of their personal data. We implemented our current Data Protection Policy in 27. 04. 2018, to ensure, that all our activities are in line with these rights.

Our website, which you are on right now, is a static site, there is no implemented surveillance system, or any sort of data collecting system, such Google Analytics or Cookies, that would monitor your activities on the site. It is possible your browser software utilizes Cookie, that remember your visit on our site, ensuring it will load faster on consecutive visits, however these cookies are completely independent from the TF Systems website, they work according to your browser settings (therefore, if you wish to disable them, you need to do that within the option screen of your browser).

An exception from the above happens, when the website visitor is accessing a password protected page – traffic on these pages are logged by the Wordfence security plugin. The IP address of the visitor is logged, of which the visitor is made aware of every time they access such a page.

If you would need a more comprehensive documentation of our privacy policy, contact us, and we will provide you with our complete Data Protection Policy. With additional questions you can contact our Data Protection Officer (Ibolya Egervári, phone: +36 1 411 2626, email:, who will gladly answer your query.